Online comparison shopping web site directory - Just Comparison Shopping.

Online comparison shopping web site directory

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Just Comparison Shopping - Online comparison shopping web site directory.

Find price comparison web sites, ratings, shopping articles, shopping tips, and comparison shopping news at Just Comparison Shopping.

 Online comparison shopping web site directory - Just Comparison Shopping.

Please remember that any one comparison shopping web site does not compare prices of every product from every merchant.

Services are usually compared  via quotes from 3 or more vendors. It may pay to visit more than one comparison shopping web site before making your purchase.

Featured Comparison Shopping Web Site

kanetix -

New Comparison Shopping Web Sites

Vimo - Puts you in charge of your healthcare spending! Vimo lets consumers and small businesses shop for and compare health insurance plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), doctors and dentists side-by-side. You can even comparison-shop for surgical procedures. - The first Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) focused on home and garden products.

mygrocerydeals - Enter your grocery list and mygrocerydeals finds the best local grocery deals. Then comparison shop for sale items, total the savings and proceed to your favorite stores with the grocery list in hand.

Titleinsurance - The first online source for obtaining competitive quotes for title insurance. Choose from up to five competitive title insurance quotes at a time. is an independent consumer service, not a title company, helping to ensure that you will receive the most competitive offers possible.

Scanbuy - Enables camera phones to capture and immediately decode printed or electronically displayed barcodes. Scan and shop with your cell phone.

Farecast - Boston or Seattle departures only. First airfare prediction website that answers the question Buy now or wait?

Flylink Travel - Travelers can book complex itineraries, get "best fare available" quotes and speak to travel specialists from 9:30am to 6:30pm weekday in every U.S. time zone.

Quote Retriever - Your Online Insurance Marketplace! Allows you to shop for all of your insurance needs at one location, instantly, without the sales pressure.

mpire - Search and filter millions of previously owned products found on auction & classified web sites.  - Australia web version. Shopping an eBay company, pioneered online comparison shopping. It has 35 million products, 325 categories, 000's of retailers, and millions of reviews from the shopping community. Shopping empowers consumers to make informed choices.
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Ultimate Comparison Shopping

Consumer Reports - This is the ultimate comparison shopping web site with a combination of information, ratings and links to comparison shopping prices. Consumer Union owns Consumer Reports. CU accepts no outside advertising, no free test samples, and has no agenda other than the interests of consumers. You will need to subscribe to Consumer Reports magazine or the online web site. When you view the product ratings online, links are made to Yahoo Shopping for comparison shopping prices.

The Ultimate Comparison Shopping website is the opinion of Just Comparison Shopping. More Best Comparison Shopping ...

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