What's the best colour of tablecloth

Are you still pondering whether to purchase a tablecloth or not? Are you aware that spill over of liquids such as gravy, soup, tea, coffee, and much more can leave an indelible impression on your dining table, especially if the surface of the dining table is light in colour and you do not wipe the spill over immediately? You can prevent this from happening by covering the top of the table with a tablecloth. A quick online search will provide you with details of many such tablecloths in different colours and designs. According to recent studies, a stylish tablecloth and well-decorated table can actually make your food taste better. Hence, tablecloths, apart from affecting the way we perceive our food, add style and class to any mealtime. A formal dinner, weekend breakfast, teatime on the terrace, or a backyard picnic will all feel more elegant, more festive, and more special as well when set with clean, crisp linen tablecloths. However, choosing the colour and the design of the same remains a dilemma. The colour of the tablecloth should be neither too garish nor too dull. It is is such situations that grey vinyl tablecloth make their presence felt.

Extra information about grey vinyl tablecloth

Why choose the colour grey?

Grey is a combination of black and white. It prevents spill over from showing up, unlike white and other light colours. There are several shades of grey to choose from when it comes to purchasing tablecloths. Make sure that the colour you choose matches the d├ęcor of your room or even enhances it. Flowery designs tablecloths are good for kids' study tables, but they are too harsh on the eye. Also, you might not be able to notice spall spots of spill over, especially if they fall on the darker colour of the flowery and other similar designed tablecloths. Additionally, since grey contains the colour black, it tends to absorb light. Also, this colour highlights white coloured crockery very well.

Choosing the material

Tablecloths are made from a wide range of materials such as cotton, oilcloths, and vinyl. Cotton is out of the question and you cannot physically wipe them clean. You have to put them in the washing machine to clean them after you use them for a couple of times. Also, they do not last as long as the other materials. Therefore, avoid purchasing a cloth tablecloth. You should also avoid oilcloth. 

While dining, you might have noticed a few dewdrops of your favourite cold beverage have already wet a portion of your table cloth yet does not seep through. This occurrence due to a piece of fabric called oilcloth. Here are some of its disadvantages:Oilcloth cannot be recycled despite its long lifespanIts colour can fade under direct sunlightIt is toxic, and overexposure to it might result in health issuesIt disintegrates over time, creating a sticky residue

Advantages of vinyl tablecloths

Apart from being affordable, such tablecloths are easy to clean. Being water resistant, they do not show any staining, especially if you opt for grey vinyl tablecloth.